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Mosquitoes control in kenya

Mosquito Fumigation Company

Experts in eliminating and spraying mosquitoes in Nairobi and throughout Kenya. Dedicated to pest control as a mosquito fumigation company. Ask us!

Mosquitoes are especially troublesome for bites that these insects cause, but the main problems of this type lies not pests in this, but that clearly affect the health of people for being carriers of serious diseases such as dengue , malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, etc.

We can find mosquitoes anywhere in the world, there is a great variety of families and genera. Each of the existing species of mosquitoes have certain particular biological characteristics.

Unfortunately, in recent years, new species of mosquitoes have been detected in Kenya with a very high potential for disease transmission, such as the tiger mosquito, leading to an increase in the demand for mosquito fumigation.

Professional Mosquitoes Control Services

As we have been saying before, the control of mosquito pests should only be carried out by professionals, since they must be treated in their natural habitat: stagnant waters.

So if some of these harmful invaders dares in our house or business, with a simple spray we can put an end to your life. In addition, with those taking into account certain guidelines we can prevent them from proliferating in our environment.

But when another appears after one, and they end up multiplying, it is no longer in our hands to end it. That’s when they become pests when we have to go to professionals

Only mosquito fumigation companies can eliminate mosquitoes in a professional manner, since they have the appropriate personnel and equipment to carry out this type of work.

It is important to carry out a mosquito disinfection in a controlled manner, carried out by professionals in pest control, since only this can eradicate the problem while ensuring the well being of the environment.

How to control Mosquitoes

At LANPEST we use methods to control mosquitoes based on information about the mosquito’s biology, the life cycle of the mosquito, as well as attending to the type of behavior in general.

To carry out a correct control of mosquitoes we will proceed following the following steps:

• Mosquito Watch 

It is important to keep track of mosquito populations before they become pests. For this, professionals have to know what types and how many mosquitoes are in an area. For this purpose, surveillance work will be carried out, monitoring mosquito populations.

With these actions it will be determined if it is necessary to carry out control activities, when and where they may be needed to control mosquitoes before it is a problem for the human being.

• Eliminate potential places where mosquitoes lay their eggs 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs near water sources because larvae need this means to survive. So if we eliminate the sources of standing water, we will reduce the amount of larvae before they become flying adult mosquitoes.

Eliminating any container or object that contains stagnant water such as buckets, pots, toys, bird feeders … all those objects that may contain stagnant water. It will be worth emptying, cleaning and drying.

Competent authorities such as town halls should carry out cleaning and maintenance of public spaces such as parks and greenways, and clean up illegal garbage dumps and debris from public roads.

We will do the same with our environment, cleaning fountains, containers and everything that might contain standing water.

Mosquitoes Prevention Mechanisms

Nobody likes mosquitoes, much less that they take over our homes and eat us pecks. So by applying a series of guidelines in our home we can get these annoying insects to stay away.

However, we must not forget that these tips are not a definitive solution in the event that you have a mosquito plague, since if you are faced with this situation it is best to contact professionals, such as LANPEST, so that you Help control and eradicate the problem.

1. Avoid standing water 

The stagnant water in any container such as bucket, drain, showers … provides mosquitoes a fantastic place to lay their eggs. Therefore, we should avoid, as far as possible, leaving any container with standing water either in our garden or inside the house.

2. Install mosquito nets 

Opening windows and doors to ventilate our home, and especially when it cools during the hottest days of summer, is inevitable as well as necessary. This becomes a shameless invitation to mosquitoes to enter our home.

The best way to avoid it is by installing fine mosquito nets on doors and windows that will prevent its passage while allowing fresh air to enter.

3. Apply anti mosquito repellents 

There are many products on the market to repel mosquitoes such as spies, electric mosquitoes, adhesives … etc, quite effective all of them when we talk about a small problem of mosquitoes, not when they have become a pest.

Mosquito Extermination For Businesses

If your company is being the victim of a mosquito plague, do not hesitate to contact us. In LANPEST we are professionals in eliminating mosquitoes , with extensive experience in the mosquito fumigation sector .

Our highly qualified team will travel to your business in order to establish the dimensions and characteristics of the pest that cloud your peace of mind and that of your customers. Once the focus is located, we will proceed in the most diligent manner, carrying out the necessary work to eliminate mosquitoes in a professional manner.

Once the relevant actions are finished, we will carry out control and prevention actions , in order to avoid new possible pests. We will also advise you to take the necessary measures to prevent these annoying and harmful insects from thriving again.