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bedbugs control in kenya

bedbugs control in kenya- LANPEST

bedbugs control in kenya- LANPEST

Bed Bugs

A traveller’s biggest fear is waking up in a hotel bed (or even your own bed!) with tell-tale bed bug bites and droplets of blood on the sheets. As more and more Kenyans travel abroad and international travellers visit this country, so the chances of a bed bug infestation in Kenyan hotels and homes increase.

Over 40% of respondents of LANPEST’s Travel Survey did not realise that bed bugs could travel with them once they have left an infested establishment. That shows the importance of having the experts in pest control as your bed bug fighting partner.

Your Trusted Provider of the Best insecticide for bed bugs in Kenya.

This is kenya’s trusted provider of the best insecticide for bed bugs in Kenya.

best insecticide for bed bugs in kenya

I have been hearing lots of complains from many Kenya’s wondering where they could get the best chemical to kill bed bugs. Then i comfortably advice them not to worry any more. I once had the same problem that almost blew up my mind. I wondered and kept wondering till i got their on-line number. I made a touch with them. then i got a better feel when after 3 days time i couldn’t see any deposit of bed bugs on my bed sheets and bed covers.


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